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System Squadra

Vokkero set

VOKKERO SQUADRA KIT is a wireless audio conference system that has been developed to satisfy requirements specific to referees of team sports and trainers: to keep them in permanent contact so that they may quickly intervene in collaboration with one another.
This system does not need a fixed installation, and can be used instantly. It makes it possible to set up continuous hands-free communication between referees and their associate judges for the entire duration of a competition.

VOKKERO Squadra is the latest addition to the line of VOKKERO hands-free communication systems. Having been utilized for several years in major competitions like the World Cup and the Champions League and by all the best European and national leagues, VOKKERO has become the premier communication system for football referees throughout the world.

Key features:
* Completely hands-free system
* Completely mobile system that does not require any fixed installation or base station to operate.
* Includes a high performance noise filter for excellent listening quality, even in very noisy environments.
* Digital encrypted transmission provides secure commucation to prevent eavesdropping and interference.
* Light, compact and sturdy for intensive use.



Hhow it works?

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