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Vokkero set


VOKKERO "VOK-SHOW" has been specially developed for teams working in the broadcasting and entertainment industry.

Features full-duplex communication, allowing a network to be established immediately for the complete mobility of the team. Also features a highly sensitive noise filter to ensure optimal audio quality, even in very noisy environments (music, crowd noise, etc).

Using VOKKERO up to 6 users can be in continuous, hands-free communication up to 800m (one-half mile) radius. An unlimited number of additional Vokker units can be added in "listening mode" on the same network.

Three transmission channels utilizing royalty-free frequency bandwidths allow the use of multiple systems on the same site without any subscriptions or licenses.

An optional Wireless Interface (WI) enables a connection betweek a Vokkero system and a compatible fixed-installation 2 or 4-wire intercom system.

Key features :
* Hands-free, continuous communication.
* Noise filters with adapted accessories (professional audio headsets)
* Multiple-channel product
* No base-station or fixed installation allows immediate use and complete portability



Tehnical features

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Dedicated products

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