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Vokkero set


Specially designed for hotel and restaurant staff, the VOKKERO  "VOK-REST" portable radio system is the ideal way to increase reactivity and improve the service of a  team that must communicate while keeping their hands free.

This light, sturdy and watertight (IP54) radio equipment can be used very safely in difficult environments like restaurant kitchens.
Vokkero includes a high performance noise filter that allows users to work calmly even in very noisy places (drive-through windows, rest areas...). For example, it has been popularly chosen for several years by large fast food establishments for communication between team members.

Its range of up to 800m (one half mile) and great battery autonomy (14 hours of continuous use) makes Vokkero an essential tool for all situations. Its full duplex technology will provide continuous communication all day long, during long reception periods or in a conference, between service team members and the kitchen.

Key features:
* Completely hands-free system, no Push-To-Talk button operation required to activate the conversation
* Noise filters; digital sound for clear communication without interference for more precise orders which will thus be more quickly executed.
* Light, discreet, sturdy, delivered with a belt clip holster and professional headset.



Tehnical features

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Dedicated products

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