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GSMK uvaja nov revolucionarno varen mobilni telefon
Crptophone novice (Avgust 2013)

The CryptoPhone 500 is the first Android-based secure mobile phone available on the global market offering true 360° mobile device security. By combining GSMK’s renowned voice and message encryption with a revolutionary approach towards mobile device protection, the new phone is the first to offer comprehensive defense-grade security on a commercial Android-based platform.
Its unique level of protection rests upon four pillars:
- End-to-end voice and message encryption.
- Hardened operating system.
- Baseband firewall.
- Encrypted storage system.
The GSMK CryptoPhone 500 is fully compatible with all GSMK CryptoPhone IP mobile, satellite and fixed-line encryption products, allowing secure end-to-end encrypted calls across network borders.


NCAA je odobril uporabo komunikacijskega sistem med igro.
Vokkero novice (Marec 2013)

Vokkero was the first system to be tested in College Football, and is the choice of top level game officials globally.
Those that used the system, pointed out some benefits:
- Improved game administration and more efficient penalty administration.
- Substitution management, improving overall game flow.
- Crew chief leadership instantly communicated to whole crew at key times.
- Observer can listen in for improved coaching.
- Instant communication with the crew in stadiums with load crowd noise, even when separated by many yards, will increase officiating efficiency.
As a representative for Vokkero Austria, we tested Vokkero system with Austrian federation American Football Schiedsrichter Österreich and also equipped them with Vokkero Squadra systems.


Phonak unveils Profilo Nano - the smallest 100% interference-free covert earpiece in the world
Phonak news (September 2012)

Phonak Communications today launches Profilo Nano - the most advanced covert earpiece ever offered to the security market.
For covert radio users such as undercover police and surveillance teams, two things matter above all else: uninterrupted communications and discretion.
This next-generation covert earpiece is so small as to be completely invisible to bystanders and thanks to its proprietary transductive technology it is 100% immune to the electromagnetic interference (EMI) that alarm systems, vehicles and other electronic circuits can cause.
Available in beige or dark brown, the Profilo Nano covert earpiece is available with a choice of three different covert wiring kits. These are available with a wide choice of radio connectors (including the latest TETRA models) and a special connector is also available for Phonak’s Bluetooth (BT) module, enabling Profilo Nano to be used with BT-enabled communication terminals.
All transductive Profilo Nano neckloops include dual quick-release safety connectors and are available in several lengths and colors.
Phonak covert earpieces are the result of several decades’ worth of hearing research and experience. This is why thousands of security professionals around the world trust a Phonak in their ear.


Vokkero news (May 2012)

VOKKERO® Squadra is a communication system developed to meet the requirements of professional football referees. It is composed of a set of mobile radio terminals with a wide selection of microphone headsets and accessories. VOKKERO® Squadra is the latest addition to the line of VOKKERO® hands-free communication systems.
The primary features that distinguish VOKKERO® Squadra include:
• Improved optimization of audio quality and noise fi lter.
• Substatially reduced overall size with low profi le case and internal antenna.
• Extremely quick and simple touch-screen confi guration interface.


New generic ear shells boost comfort and durability
Phonak news (April 2012)

Phonak has re-engineered its generic (universal fit) ear shells to provide hearing protection customers with enhanced comfort and in-ear stability. The new versions of Phonak’s generic ear shells are now black rather than beige and offer several features and benefits. The price of these re-engineered generic shells remains the same.


Vokkero news (October 2011)

The referees must react very fast and correctly in their decisions. Vokkero system allows judges to be in constant contact and to have a clear communication in noisy environments.
Conclusion of Danny Kurman: ''I was positively surprised of the voice quality. The communication with my head partner (Brent) was perfect […], and the comfort of the ear piece was good. During the game, it was useful to communicate with the referees' team....''


VOK-BOAT, wireless intercom for secure docking manoeuvres, port and mooring manoeuvres
Vokkero news (October 2011)

A docking manoeuvre is a tense, stressful moment for crew members, as the risk of injuring a crew member or damaging the ship is high. To ensure that the manoeuvre is carried out safely and successfully, crew members should be able to count on totally reliable and audible radio communication, a system that gives them total freedom of movement. Vokkero® has been developed to meet the needs and constraints of sailing professionals and is an essential communication aid to all docking, unberthing and lock passage manoeuvres.


VOK-SAFE – Field of safety, security and rescue.
Vokkero news (May 2011)

VOK-SAFE is a wireless communications system specifically developed for the situations encountered by professional emergency rescue workers, like firefighters, elite units, emergency medical sevices, road rescue teams ect.
VOK-SAFE is the solution for the needs of the security industry professionals, scientific police as well as those of the mobile chemical intervention unit and the emergency services department.
Handsfree system and other system accessories suitable for use while wearing breathing apparatus and protective clothing are significantly in high-risk (fire, technological, industrial, NUCLEAR, radiological, biological or chemical disasters and other threats to attack).


VOK-ENG – Construction and maintenance
Vokkero news (May 2011)

The system used by companies in their works such as: maintenance of electrical systems, mining and road construction, replacement, installation or repair of underground pipe systems, construction work in urban environments, the implementation of civil works, drilling works, etc. Enables to reduce the risk of injury or accidents of people and workers in the field. Performers better and coordinate their positions with immediate communication. The system doesn't need any prior installation or base station. It's hands-free and has a noise filter. .


Vokkero news (19/05/2010)

The refereeing teams prepare like real professionals. The team's concentration, coolness, speed and cohesion are key factors in their success, and these are made possible by a system – THE refereeing system - the VOK-REF 05. It has already been used successfully in the Champions League and the leading football leagues in Europe (England, Spain, Germany, Italy, France ...) and worldwide (Mexico, South Africa, Africa, Korea ...).
In practical terms, it enables the referee and linesmen to remain in permanent contact and to intervene rapidly together. Communication is totally full duplex. Everyone can talk at the same time without having to press a Push-To-Talk button (PTT) first.
The other advantage of system is a very effective noise filter that is particularly suitable for these specific environments (applause, whistles, shouts, national anthems, etc…).
Another interesting aspect is encryption of communication. This is a key point for referees who want to keep their discussions private.